Tie-dye T-shirts on Hanes Beefy T's and Gildan Ultra Cotton PFD Tees

Share Your Love with a few of our Top Shelf Tie-dyes! 


Peace and Love to Everyone on Planet Earth!

Just try not flying your saucer while sporting your Rainbow Long Neck Alien tiedye Tee!

Long Neck Rainbow Alien

We sell out of Long Neck Aliens at most of our festivals. Now you can buy them for all your friends online. Auspicious Indeed!

Green Rainbow Peace

Green Rainbow Peace Sign

Our Green Rainbow Peace Sign Tee features a Tie-dyed Peace Sign surrounded by vivid Rainbow colors.

The double hawk spiral tie-dyed tee could start the wave just about anywhere!

Double Hawk Spiral

The Double Hawk Spiral tie-dyed Tee in a smooth design featuring Steel Blue, Navy Blue, with a touch of vibrant Lime Green.

Dark Peace Sign

Dark Peace Sign

Our Dark Peace Sign Tie-dye T-shirt features a Jet Black Peace Sign surrounded by Rainbow colors.

A bird of a whole new Feather...The Hawk Feather tie-dye Tee!

Hawk Feather

Blues and Greens are the colors we choose! The Hawk Feather Design features Stell Blue, Navy Blue, and vibrant Lime Green.

Rainbow Spiral

Rainbow Spiral Tie-dyes

The Rainbow Spiral Design is the original American style tie-dye. We craft ours using several shades of each color to create

Purple Rainbow Peace

Deep Purple Peace

A Hanes Beefy-T or Gildan Ultra Cotton PFD is the palette for our Purple Rainbow Peace Sign Tees.

Double Rainbow Spiral

Rainbow Double Spiral

Rainbows doubled are Rainbows tie-dyed just for you!

Go Seahawks!

Blue Hawk Spiral

We Love the way the Hawks in the Pacific Northwest soar in Steel Blue, Navy, and vivid Lime Green.

We started our Tie-dye Art Business 32 years ago, setting up our tie dyes at music festivals and street fairs in the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, and Texas. Essentially, the whole Western half of our beautiful country!

We're grateful for the many friends who've traveled hundreds of miles because they knew we'd be at a festival. Thanks for all the Loyal Repeat Business that has kept us busy creating beautiful tie-dyes all these years!!

We look forward to another couple decades of Peace, Love, and Tie-dye with all our kind and beautiful friends-- those who've shared our path all along and those we're yet to meet. We are here because of you and we Thank every one of you from the bottom of our Tie-dyed Hearts!